Defense Training Marker HDS 68

The double-barreled Home Defense Shotgun 68 combines power and speed. Thanks to its quick-piercing system it’s ready to use at any time. With a light blow on the bottom of the grip you can puncture the CO₂ capsule whenever the occasion demands, and the optical and tactile pressure indicator will show that you’re ready to fire. The HDS comes with a Picatinny rail under the barrel. The large .68 caliber allows you to use rubberballs, pepperballs, chalkballs and paintballs, which can be shot individually or simultaneously from both barrels.
Suitable for all T4E ammunition in caliber .68
Caliber .68
Power Source 1x 12 g CO₂
Magazine capacity 2 rounds
Trigger Single Action
Safety Automatic Trigger Safety
Energy < 16,0 J
Velocity 100 m/s (328 fps)
Shots (per filling / capsule) 10 rounds
Length 490 mm
Weight 1700 g

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