Wather Rotex RM8 Varmint

The Walther Rotex RM8 Varmint impresses with its sporty, robust appearance, sophisticated engineering and accurate performance in sport shooting, recreational shooting and hunting.
While the classic Rotex presents itself classically with a wooden stock, the Varmint serves the demands of those who are also driven through tough vegetation in nature. With its thumb hole stock made of high-strength polymer, it is more resistant to scratches and offers a particularly high level of grip in wet conditions thanks to the Walther-typical HiGrip surface on the pistol grip and forearm.
Inside, you’ll find a reliable, precision-manufactured compressed air system, made in Germany. Pellets are fired from the 8-round aluminum rotary magazine by operating the generously dimensioned cocking lever. The 500 mm barrel, made by Lothar Walther, ensures a stable trajectory and has a muzzle brake with a ½" UNF thread for mounting a silencer. Energy is supplied by a permanently installed 230-bar compressed air cylinder with a built-in filler valve and pressure gauge. The first-stage travel of the trigger can be adjusted to suit your individual preferences.
The Rotex RM8 is built for use with a telescopic sight and therefore has an 11-mm dovetail rail. An open sight is not provided.
Caliber 5,5 mm (.22) Pellet
Power Source PCP
Magazine capacity 8 rounds
Trigger adjustable first stage travel
Safety Sliding Safety
Energy < 32,0 J
Velocity 260 m/s (853 fps)
Length 950 mm

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